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flexible automation 'ej processing luch

hengchang Quilting mIqta' laSvargh | Updated: Aug 21, 2015

Hoch moj increasingly diversified product, qa'meH Saghmo', shortening product yIn cycle, law' Sar 'ej (especially mach) production chonayta' mainstream production patterns manufacturing. vaj, automate processing luch flexible 'oH. flexible pa' manifest objects, baS laH Hergh 'emvo' be range vo' 'ay' qa'meH latlh 'ay' processing Qap processing flexible Sar. yISeH flexible automate processing pong software ghap programming ngaSwI' yuvtlhe' wIngaQmoHta'DI' HablI' tool processing, je latlh 'ay' simply jaS Deghmeymaj relevant software ghap programming loQ DolmeyvaD (rut wej ngeD tu'lu' nIS fixtures ngaSwI' yuvtlhe' wIngaQmoHta'DI') 'ej choH. generally wej nIS HablI' tools, manual adjustment, luch laH chav neH latlh 'ay' processing, MaQa' production joq batlhchaj multiple lopno' production, significantly multi-product production luch adjustments production ram Qu'maj mung je poH je shorten baS wIQaw'laH.

automate processing production batch medium 'ej mach, ghaH 'op tlha' Qap.

(1) automatically processing Qap transform, automatic luch laH cher SoH wa' ghom De'wI' joq programmable controller production SeH management 'ej pat pagh mIw, laH equipped pat je pIm products according to nIS conveniently 'ej nom choH luch Qap ghun QaptaHvIS automatic, pat load adjustment poH reduce.

(2) considerable versatility jen qechmeyDaj Huj automation je QaptaHvIS automatic processing multiple products joq nItlhDu' je, workpiece HIjmeH during HablI' pat 'ej clamp lup pat, Hoch law' processing pat lutlhej, pat naQ chenmoH pa' ghom cham automatically waw' multiple product ghap ghom 'ay' Qap mIw.

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